camisado collective

We know each time you pick up your grandfather's pipe, search the family cedar chest, or find the comb used long ago in a different time and place:  you go back. Back through nostalgic smells of musk and the weight of reliable, long lasting craftsmanship. 

These dedicated men and women were a part of something bigger than a time card and lunch bell.  They carved grain and bent metal as if it were the vessel of their very soul.  And indeed it was.

These men and women were a fragment of a lost generation.  A cohort of genuine distinction.  A faction beaten back by lazy industry and cookie cutter manufacturing.  Finally, greed is losing its hold and the Camisado Collective is here to cull the ingenuous and to nourish the artist’s soul.  From the caves of meaning we've charged and piked the thieves of craft while they sleep. 

Take up your arms, ladies and gentleman.  Your whittling knives, your crocheting needles.  Weave the basket of a lifetime, forge the blade of memories and mix the formula of worth.  We are the few to create, pass down, and inspire.  We are the silent artisans of a time long lost. We are the Camisado Collective, and if you seek the vision of creation as we do: we need you.